Bio Clean America: Sanitizing To Protect Everyone

We Keep You
Sterilized and Sanitized
With EPA Standards

We are using the standards put forth by the EPA and CDC to bring peace of mind to help businesses, schools and industries reopen. Bio Clean American was started with this fundamental thought. Make it safe for America to survive and move forward safely.

Keeping You Safe through COVID

Bio Clean America was constructed by families who care about you and want to offer consumer confidence. We give you and your family the confidence to remain OPEN during this pandemic. We have all worked so hard as a nation to build and the Bio Clean Family wants to help you keep it.

The Bio Clean Family has suffered as you have through the coronavirus. The thing that keeps us up at night is not being able to open our doors to help others. If your fear is like ours we understand your frustration and confusion. We continue our legacy of helping others through the toughest of times. Our philosophy will not waiver. Your business and your family is safe with Bio Clean America. Now and into the Future.


400K+ Cases 200K-400K Cases 100K-200K Cases
New York X
California X
Florida X
Texas X
New Jersey X
Illinois X

Hope For The Future. Safety For Us All.


Possible Vaccines For Coronavirus (as of May 2020)

antivirals are likely to be developed and approved before a vaccine, which typically takes longer

Dr. Robert Amler,