Bio Clean America's Services support reopening of businesses and organizations by providing specialized sterilizing approved by the requirements and certifications of the FDA, CDC and EPA.

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After you book your consultation a Bio Clean Representative will show you our services that are designed to help you navigate the new normal. Our Bio Clean Representatives will work with you and your business to provide a plan of action that will provide consumer confidence and be appropriate for staying clean and sterilized. Our plans will be setup to help you during COVID and beyond. The plans will include sterilizing all surface areas, highly trafficked areas, high congestion areas, hard-to-reach areas, and much more. The plan will include our FDA approved proprietary solutions killing 99.999% of bacteria that live in your establishment.

Accomplish The Mission

After the technicians perform our certified sterilization service we then show that we have accomplished the mission. We will provide you with a visual certification to be displayed proudly in your business. This certification can be displayed in public visible areas of your establishment. This certification represents safety and commitment to yourself, your employees and your customers.


With your completed and certified sterilizing contract you will also received specific supplies required and necessary to continue your success in fighting against COVID and other bacteria. The supplies in your sterilizing service include floor signage in order to help customers remember to be six fee apart . In addition we will provide you with wall and hanging signage in order help represent social distancing. Other supplies include specialized face coverings to start you and your employees moving toward a more clean and compliant business. These supplies and more will also be available for additional ordering.

What To Expect

Here's a brief video description of what your sterilizing service may include

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